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Installation and Service Agreement Terms

1. Purpose of the system:
1.1 The system is designed to reduce the risk of loss or damage to your premises so far as this can be done by the use of the equipment mentioned on your quote or invoice. However we do not guarantee that the system cannot be removed, tampered with or made to stop working by either you or any unauthorised person. If this happens, we are not responsible for any losses you may suffer directly or indirectly. 1.2 Although we source all our equipment from high standard manufacturers and distributors, we cannot guarantee that the system will work continuously and without errors, in particular where interruptions or errors are due to something beyond our reasonable control. 1.3 We do not know the value of your premises or its contents and the purpose of this agreement is not to act as insurer of your premises or your contents.

2. Our guarantee to you:
2.1 We guarantee that we will repair faults and replace parts on a new installed system (supplied by us) free of charge within 1st year. This guarantee does not apply to equipment previously installed at your premises. 2.2 The guarantee does not apply to faults caused by the following (a) adjustment or positioning by you or others of CCTV cameras, monitors, video recorders, multiplexers, microprocessors, keyboards, entry panels, alarm panels, motion detectors or settings. (b) Work carried out by police or any other authority. (c) Consumable items of all kinds. All equipment carries a 1 year warranty (DVR`s, Camera`s, PSU`s and LEDs Etc.)

3. Clients Responsibility 1:
3.1 if you need the approval from the fire service, council, police or other authorities to allow us provide our services. You must: (a) Make necessary agreements with these authorities (b) Provide any information they need (c) Pay for the relevant approval or permissions (d) Inform them of changes to your situation (e) If any approval is amended or terminated, you must inform us as soon as you find out. 4.2 You must also do the following: (a) Give us full access to your premises so that we may provide our services with ease and without delays. You must also supply a reasonable level of lighting and scaffolding, hoists or other suitable lifting equipment if required. (We provide a cherry picker only if we can gain access to the required target, Maximum installation height of 10m.) (b) Provide and maintain a dedicated 240 Volt AC un-switched power supply to each part of the system with sound and safe electrical earthing. (c) Provide information about you, your premises and any other relevant information so we can provide the service. You must inform us if your situation changes. (d) Use your best efforts to make sure that your premises and any equipment you provide are safe and without risk to our employees and contractors. (e) When you place your order you must also tell us the location of any concealed pipes and wires which may affect the system’s performance. (f) Pay your telephone, broadband and utility bills which the system requires so that the services are not affected. There will be a charge for resetting routers or settings. (g) Keep any monitors and DVRs free from dust and grime to enable them to work satisfactory. (h) Operate the system according to the instructions and manuals given to you on the installation date. Our staff will always leave the documents with you when the system is delivered. (i) Be responsible and compensate us against all liabilities, claims, losses or expenses we suffer if caused: (i) Because you or others have damaged or not used the system in accordance with the operating manual; (ii) As a result of the connection of a system or device that is not supplied by us or as a result of events. (j) Tell us at once: (i) Of any faults or effects to the system (ii) If any part of the system is damaged or stolen; (iii) If anyone tampers with the system; (iv) If the system has been subjected to any unusual operating conditions.

4.  Clients Responsibility 2:
4.1 you or others must not move or interfere with the system under any conditions. 5.2 You must not transfer or assign any of your rights or obligations under this agreement.

5. Recommendations:
5.1 Because of the purpose of the system in condition 1, the limits of the guarantee in condition 2, and the limits of our responsibility to you in condition 3, we strongly recommend that you should take out separate insurance to cover your premises, its contents and your staff. 5.2 Where we have to remove the equipment for repair or warranty claims, we recommend that you use our rental equipment in the meantime to ensure your system functions as normal and without interruptions. This is strongly recommended for CCTV cameras and alarm detectors. 5.3 We recommend that you insure the system from the time it is delivered to you.

6. CCTVMAN Ltd Responsibility:
6.1 for new system installations we agree to supply and install the equipment as agreed and mentioned in your Quotation. 6.2 For systems already installed at your premises: (a) Unless you tell us otherwise we assume that the system, the wiring and the cabling associated with it, comply with all the relevant standards and in full working order. (b) If you wish us to carry out a test on the existing system, a charge will apply. This initial test will enable us to find out if there are problems with the cabling or if parts of the system are not working properly. (c) If an initial test is not carried out we cannot confirm that all parts of the system are in full working order and we reserve the right to carry out a full test on the system at any time (condition above applies) if problems arise. (d) If we struggle to get the new system working using the parts of your old system (damaged or wear and tear), you should pay the extra charge involved in the process. (e) We will not be able to confirm that cables and wiring which have been installed within the fabric of the building, or buried underground, conform to the relevant standards. 6.3 According to our maintenance package agreement we will carry out routine inspection visits to the system during normal office hours. There would be an extra charge if you require us to visit you on a particular time, unless this is covered by the service level you have chosen. 6.4 In case of a system failure depending on your maintenance package, we will repair the system free of charge. If the parts are covered by our guarantee in condition 2, we will repair or replace the parts; otherwise the relevant discount will be offered depending on your chosen maintenance package. You must pay for all other works and visits.

7. Clients Cost:
7.1 You are responsible for the charges on the invoice given to you. You must make sure the payment is cleared as agreed. Failure to clear payments on time may result in a fine. 7.2 You must also pay an extra charge if the following applies: (a) Faults are caused by you, or any other person, thing or event which we could not reasonably be expected to prevent. (b) You ask us to move the system (or camera`s) or we need to move it because of changes to the premises (i.e.  Adjust the position of cameras, detectors, DVRs, Monitors Etc.). (c) Carry out tests on any parts of the system which involves additional work. (d) You break one of the conditions of this agreement. (e) You ask for help under guarantee on condition 2, but the guarantee does not apply. (f) Your service level agreement specifies a charge for the given service. (g) You have asked us to visit your premises outside normal working hours, unless this is covered by the service level you have chosen. (h) The system needs inspecting, resetting, repairing, replacing, reconfiguring or reprogramming in circumstances where: (i) your actions or failures, or those of anyone else other than us mean we need to inspect or make repairs or replace parts of the system. (ii) There was a telephone or broadband fault or crash. (iii) There were fluctuations in the mains electricity supply or the activation of a circuit breaker. (iv) You install software upgrades or any other software on any computer or networks that are connected to the system (v) Any computer, IT network or other infrastructure or facility provided by you or others which is connected to the system fails or is corrupted. (vi) Adverse weather conditions or industrial atmosphere cause damage to the system. (vii) A full inspection of wires and continuity test is required. 7.3 Unless we agree to do so the charges do not include any work involving carpet laying, concealing cables, redecorating, plastering, painting, building or carpentry work. 7.4 Whilst we will make every reasonable effort to work with you or others, any interruptions or delays caused by you, your staff, customers or others may result in additional charges. 7.5 You will also be charged extra if you fail to provide full access to the areas where our engineers carry out the service; or if you fail to provide reasonable level of lighting, as a result of which we incur extra time or expense. 7.6, you are responsible for the transportation cost, from and to the premises.

8. Payments:
8.1 You must pay your invoice in full and in maximum of two instalments. (Except finance plans.) 8.2 You must pay the initial deposit before we can process your order. The amount of the deposit is the equipment part of your invoice. The remaining amount on the invoice must be paid before or on your installation date. On the final date cheques and bank transfers can only be accepted prior to previous agreements. 3.3 One off payments must be paid by cash, cheque or bank transfer. 8.4 Yearly maintenance service charges are paid annually in advance via direct debit or cheque. 8.5 You must pay the extra charges under condition 8 within 14 days of the invoice date or our request for payment. 8.6 You must pay all other amounts within 30 days of the date of your invoice. 8.7 Even if the system has been delivered to your premises and installed there, the entire system including cabling remains our property until the initial charges for the equipment and installation has been paid in full. Until then: (a) You must take good care of the system for us; and (b) Without prejudice to any other rights we may have, we may enter your premises and repossess the system without any obligation to make good the premises. 8.8 We expect you to pay promptly. If payment is overdue, we will charge you interest, from the date of our invoice.

9. Termination of your agreement:
9.1 We may end this agreement by giving at least one month notice at any time. 9.2 You may end your yearly service agreement by giving us at least one month notice in writing to expire at the end the fixed period or on a subsequent anniversary of the start date. 9.3 We may either end or suspend this agreement for a period we consider appropriate if any of the followings apply: (a)  failure to make payments as agreed under condition 8. (b) You commit a serious breach of this agreement. (c) If you change your premises in such way that we believe it is no longer practical for us to carry on providing our services.

10. General:
10.1 Data Protection act 1998. We may pass on the information you have given to us under this agreement to any police, credit reference or debt collection agencies. 10.2 If you have made this agreement together with someone else, you are liable both jointly and individually to us. 10.3 We may employ others to carry out our tasks. This will not reduce your rights under this agreement. 10.4 We intend that all conditions of this agreement are in this document. You can refer to our website for general terms and conditions. 10.5 If you want to change the conditions of this agreement, it must be done in writing and signed by you and us. 10.6 If we do not insist on the strict condition of this agreement, we may still enforce all the conditions against you on other occasions. If you break a condition and we do not take any action against you, it does not mean that we will not take any action against you if you break it again or continue with the same breach without putting it right. 10.7 All diagrams, drawings, literature, data sheets, drawings, dimensions, weight and the like which accompany our specification (all of which we reserve the right to alter without notice) are intended to present a general idea of the products described and are approximate only and in no case constitute a condition. 10.8 This agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. 10.9 If a court finds that part of this agreement is not enforceable but can be kept separately from the rest of the agreement, this will not affect the remainder of the agreement.



11. Service Agreement Price and Overview:

11.1 The fee for your chosen service contract is £+ VAT

11.2 CCTVMAN Ltd will perform 1 x maintenance visit per year,

11.3 The maintenance program consists of thoroughly cleaning camera housings, lenses, monitor screens and video equipment, re-focusing cameras if needed, checking the integrity of cables, checking the recording equipment works correctly, and finally optimising the systems performance.

11.4 This does not include moving cameras to a different position. (See 7.2b)

11.5 With your chosen service contract we will give you call out response to any problems that may occur with the CCTV system. (Next day or day after between 09:00-16:00, not Saturday or Sunday or bank hols).

11.6 The client must pay for the replacement of any equipment unless still within its warranty, (See 2.1) the re-installation of said equipment is free of charge.

11.7 If we are called out on a fault caused by someone or something, other than a normal equipment breakdown, our call out rate will apply. (£85.00) (See 2.2)

11.8 If you require Data recovery assistance for evidence etc., you will be charged at our normal call out rate which is £85, (covers 3 hours, then £25 per hour) (We will assist with telephone support for data recovery free of charge

11.9 If you decide to cancel, or without cause terminate the contract prior to expiry of the minimum period of one year no refunds of the advanced payment shall be made by CCTVMAN Ltd.


I agree to the terms and conditions above.


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End of Installation and Service Agreement TERMS AND CONDITIONS.